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Old photos & postcards of Fletcher's Way, Great Shelford

Fletcher 1.jpg

Fletcher and Sons used to stand in London Road. Fletcher's way was named after the firm when it was built in 2015.

It was built by Leopold Fletcher in the 1930s, hence Fletcher and sons. Charles was the youngest and Leopold (known as Tom was the eldest). Neither had a son.

"I am sure my grandfather Leopold would have been very pleased to see the road named after him -he died in 1947, " said Ann Fletcher.

There is a photo of the original staff in which some villagers will see some familiar faces.

Previously there was a gelatine factory in nearby Granta Terrace. Leopold bought the gelatine factory site in the 1930s and demolished the chimney himself.

Photos: @Helen Harwood

There are lots of other old photos of Great Shelford on the website. They include;

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