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2023 Shelford Feast

The 2023 Shelford Feast will be on July 1 to July 8.

Judge Jules will play the opening night of the Feast on Saturday July 1.


Judge Jules has never shied away from pushing the boundaries in dance music. Audiences will be able to experience the iconic tracks that have defined his career through a ten-piece live band with Judge Jules at the helm. This is Judge Jules: Live.

Sponsored by @team.labb, this is not a show to sit down for – combining the energy of specially-chosen outstanding musicians with his own inimitable presence behind the decks, Jules will take the audience on a tailor-made journey through dance music with vocals, hands-in-the-air moments and plenty of basslines that’ll take you right back to your very first rave.

Saturday, 1st July, at the Grand Marquee in Great Shelford. Tickets are on sale soon.

Posted Feb 27 2023.


Trevor Nelson returns to the Shelford Feast


Trevor Nelson is playing at the Shelford Feast on July 8.


Feast tickets are now on sale.


Trevor Nelson will be the closing act for 2023. Back again in Shelford after his sell-out Feast show in 2022, Trevor is an award-winning DJ and champion for RnB music worldwide, and a household name across the UK.

As a radio broadcaster he presents shows on the BBC’s most popular music networks - "Trevor Nelson's Rhythm Nation" is live four nights a week on BBC Radio 2 and "Trevor Goes Old Skool" airs every Sunday on BBC Radio 1Xtra. In March 2021, Trevor released his podcast series "Trevor Nelson’s Divas" for BBC Sounds, comprising hand-picked archive footage in which Trevor reminisces on his most memorable interviews with some of the biggest artists in the music industry.

He continues to headline live music events across the UK under his brand Soul Nation. 

*The Amy Winehouse band will play the Shelford Feast on July 7.

Updated March 15 2023

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