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2022 Shelford Feast


The 2022 Shelford Feast will see Feast Sunday at the start of the week instead of on the final day.

Highlights of the 2022 Feast include:

Tony Hadley

Trevor Nelson

Strictly Shelford event including two former Strictly professional dancers.

Here is the full Shelford Feast schedule:

Saturday July 2           Beer festival followed by Big 10 Ska

Sunday July 3              Feast Day

Monday July 4             Karaoke night

Tuesday July 5            Strictly Shelford dance event

Wednesday July 6       Comedy night including Zoe Lyons

Thursday July 7           Quiz night

Friday July 8                Tony Hadley (marquee) plus Daniela Rossi in a church concert

Saturday July 9            Trevor Nelson.

Tickets can be booked now at the Shelford Feast website

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