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Great Shelford planning news


Our villages, our future, our say:

Regulation 14 Consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan


A draft of the Stapleford and Great Shelford Neighbourhood Plan is now in place and we’d like to know what you think about it. To do this, Stapleford and Great Shelford Parish Councils are running what, in formal planning terms, is known as a ‘Regulation 14 Consultation’.


What is this all about?

Neighbourhood planning gives communities a role in the development and future of their local area. The Stapleford and Great Shelford Neighbourhood Plan does precisely this for our villages. Its vision and planning policies have been co-created by residents and parish councillors and shaped by the community – the people who know and love this area best.


Our 20 planning policies will ultimately carry the same weight as those in South Cambridgeshire District Council’s 2018 Local Plan and will be used when reviewing all planning applications, big and small, coming forward in our area. They span six broad planning topics:

  1. housing and the built environment

  2. our rural setting and landscape

  3. climate change and biodiversity

  4. community amenities and infrastructure

  5. active travel and traffic management

  6. countryside access and enhancement.


What’s happening now?

In previous community consultations, you told us what’s important to you. We listened and learnt; where we hadn’t got things quite right, we tweaked them; and we commissioned (with grant funding) a lot of research. The outcome is a full draft of our Neighbourhood Plan and an extensive evidence base.


Regulation 14 Consultation is now an opportunity for the local community to review and comment on this draft and its supporting documents before it is submitted to Greater Cambridge Shared Planning for independent examination.


Why should I take part?

Our villages and surrounding countryside are under enormous pressure. We cannot stop development but, at a time of great change across our region, a Neighbourhood Plan allows us to say what we want and need from growth. This, then, is your chance to shape where you live and/or work for the better.


How do I take part?

From 11 March 2024, you can view the draft Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents at or read paper copies at Great Shelford Library.


Then let us know what you think by completing the online feedback form (preferred), or by collecting and returning a paper copy at Great Shelford Library, or by writing to:


If for any reason you cannot access the materials or need a copy delivered to your home, call 01223 616622 or email the Executive Officer.


You may comment on as much or as little of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents as you wish.


When is this happening?

The consultation runs from 9am on 11 March 2024 until 4pm on 30 April 2024. You will see plenty of banners, posters and social media reminders to take part, and every household and business in our parishes should receive a leaflet through their letterbox.


Who can take part?

Anyone who lives, works or runs a business in the Plan area can participate, plus landowners and organisations with an interest in our area. However, we are unable to accept anonymous comments. This is because, later on, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning (GCSP) will run a final consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan. By participating in the Regulation 14 Consultation, you consent to Stapleford and Great Shelford Parish Councils legally collecting and sharing your contact details with GCSP so it can fulfil its statutory duties. We process personal data in compliance with Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations. Our privacy statement is available to read on our Neighbourhood Plan webpages. [Apologies for all the T&Cs, but it’s important that we are transparent.]


What happens next?

All feedback will be read and may result in changes to the next version of the Neighbourhood Plan. Comments will be published as part of its supporting documents. Names will be anonymised, other than where an individual is commenting on behalf of an organisation.


At the very last stage of the Neighbourhood Plan-making journey and once the Plan has passed examination, it will proceed to a community-wide ‘yes/no’ referendum open to the electorate in both parishes. All being well, we aim to do this in late 2024.


Jenny Flynn

Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, writing on behalf of Stapleford and Great Shelford Parish Councils


For more information, visit

Posted Feb 27 2024

Great Shelford planning news

Controversial plans to open a drive-through blood testing unit in Great Shelford have been approved.

Changing the use of agricultural land and a barn at Magog Court, Hinton Way, Great Shelford was given the go ahead by South Cambs Councillors on November 8.


Local residents have complained that it is unsuitable development on a Green Belt site and would create extra traffic on Hinton Way.

Posted Nov 8 2023.

Great Shelford planning news

Shelford Rugby Club wants to install a shipping container to be used as a pizza kitchen.

The Parish Council supports the proposal.


The final decision will be taken by South Cambs District Council.

Major housing developments for more than 1,000 new homes have been proposed for Great Shelford.

Sites include Shelford Rugby Club and the Camping and Caravan Site off Cambridge Road are included in the proposals.

Up to 40 homes are proposed for the Grange Field, which could lead to an extension of the Recreation Ground.

The proposals include:

Cambridge South on land south of Addenbrooke's Road and east of M11 - 1,250 homes

The Camping and Caravanning Club Limited east of Cabbage Moor, Great Shelford -

400 homes

Land south of Granhams Farm, Great Shelford - 250 dwellings

Land west of Hinton Way, Great Shelford - 200 homes

Land off Cambridge Road, Gt Shelford - up to 120 homes 

The Davey Field, Cambridge Rd, Great Shelford - up to 87 homes

Land off Cabbage Moor, Great Shelford - up to 70 homes

Land east of Hinton Road, Great Shelford - up to 50 new homes

Grange Field, Church Street, Great Shelford adjoining the Rec - 40 homes and possible extension to the Rec

Land west of Granhams Farm, Great Shelford - 30 homes

Cambridge Road Great Shelford - 25 homes or retirement/care village

Scotsdales - New homes

Land at Whitefields, Hinton Way, Great Shelford - housing/ retirement village

Cabbage Moor - 5 homes.

The suggested developments are a long way from reality. The proposals have been made as part of a ‘First Conversation’ consultation to create a new Local Plan for the area by 2023.

Developers and landowners have put forward their initial proposals for homes across sites in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.

The first wave of the consultation took place in January and February. The next public consultation stage is planned for Autumn 2021.

These proposals are not planning applications. Councils stress that none of the suggested sites have any real planning status at this stage and far more land for development has been suggested than will be required to meet the area’s housing needs.

The Greater Cambridge Local Plan will set out where development in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire is allowed to happen, and what it should include – such as homes, business space, community facilities, shops, leisure facilities and green spaces. It will guide how development should help address current and future environmental, social and economic issues.

You can read the responses and a summary report on the Greater Cambridge Planning Service website: (The site can be challenging to navigate - you may find it easier to click on the links within the story to read about specific proposed schemes.)

map of all the proposals can be seen here.

You can have your say about the proposals by contacting South Cambridgeshire District Councillors Peter Fane or Nick Semple or Great Shelford Parish Council.

Read the coverage in the Cambridge Independent.

 Posted September 18 2020


On any planning application, you can make representations to any parish councillor. 

While the Parish Council will take a view on most applications, the final decision will be made by South Cambridgeshire District Council. You can find details for your three district councillors below.


District Councillors for South Cambridgeshire District Council


Peter Fane
Tel.01223 843861
Mob. 07802 256861

Nick Sample

044 7706 990833


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