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Great Shelford seal – and a Royal link to the village


A photo of a seal from Great Shelford in the 13th century has emerged.

The seal is now owned by St John’s College in Cambridge. It shows a knight on horseback. It is attached to a grant for two acres of land in Grantchester by John le Moyne of Great Shelford to the Hospital of St John “for the safety of his soul and of those of his ancestors and successors”. [13th century]

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John Le Moyne was sheriff of Cambridgeshire 1253–5. The family was given land in Great Shelford by the king for being a goldsmith and possibly making or repairing a royal crown.

The Le Moyne family was believed to have lived on a manor house at what is now De Freville Farm north-west of High Green.

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A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 8. -

Photo courtesy St John's College

Shelford seal.PNG
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